Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Workout Update: Hallelujah!

Go ahead! Push play:


Guess what!  The pool is going to be CLOSED for three whole days.  Act of God.  Look how happy those angels are.  I think the little one on the right is clapping her hands for joy. She's all angel-cool-and-collected but I can tell that, behind her refined angelic facade, she's like totally WooHah! on my behalf.  Angels are like that.  From what I hear.  They rejoice about all kinds of things.

So I can't work out at the pool on those days. Awwwwww.  But that's okay.

(Hah, FABULOUS is what it is.  Rejoicing is what's called for.)

Oh, shut up, Reptilian Lazy Brain.  I've got a plan for this.  I'm going to work out at home those three days.  On my fabulous exercise bike which I loathe and despise. And today Scott taught me some great things you can do with an exercise ball.  And guess what:  I have one of those, too.  (By the way, the "great" in the next to previous sentence was just thick with sarcasm. Too bad there isn't an MP3 online somewhere for that.)

That's all for now.  Just hallelujah is all.

I bet people would use that word more if it were easier to spell.  I had to look it up.  Twice.

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