Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dear LCC: Welcome To My Secret Garden

My Best Conference Buddy (BCB), Tina Whittle, and I have just shared the writing of a post about our first Left Coast Crime which happened in Sacramento in 2012.

As part of that project, Tina says I should include a Bio, a Photo, and a link to my blog.

AKA, The Trio of Death & Shame.

Okey, dokey.

Bio, I've got. Photo I could mainly handle — with some carefully applied special effects. But the blog, the blog!

C'mon. You know how how it can go with a blog. Starts off with impeccable intentions, proceeds through the first burst of enthusiasm, loses momentum, and, at last, occupies the seat of baleful rebuke, wrapped in a black cloak, hood obscuring the visage. One bony finger skewering your worthless, careless, lazy little soul.

The worst part — or maybe it's the best — is that almost nobody knows how neglected and bare, how wintery and sad, your blog has become. Because almost no one ever goes there. It becomes your Secret Garden of Despair because the children don't play here anymore. Mostly never did.

But I tell you what: It's still a fine little garden. I planted some nice bits of my life in here. When I thought I had an idea to pursue or a scrap of something fun and no place to put it, I put it here. Thoughts about looking for an agent and not getting one (I've got one now!), thoughts about my life and my parents, stuff about books I read or didn't read, a poem or two, one spooky Halloween story, reports on presentations by writers I admire, and some encouraging words for my fellow-travelers. We all need those keep on, keepin' on encouragements sometimes. They help us fend off the big bad wolves of doubt.

So welcome to you, any LCC-ers who may open the gate to my quiet little corner of the Interweb. And anyone else who stumbles in here, out of the rainy dark…ether…cloud. Now I have two — count 'em TWO — brand new posts, especially for you. (And for the lovely fellow traveler who just left a comment?  Wow!  Thanks!  I thought I was all alone in here.)

Perhaps my Secret Garden may yet bloom anew.  See y'all in Phoenix!

xoAnnie Hogsett

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  1. Hi Annie! This is Meg from Left Coast Crime. It was wonderful getting to know you and I hope the ice hasn't broken your living room window!

    I'm finally getting around to sending out notes. It was a great conference and my time talking with you was wonderful. Any chance you are coming to Malice Domestic?

    Hugs from Iowa.

    Meg E Dobson
    Facebook: M Evonne Dobson
    author of the Kami Files:
    Chaos Theory, Book 1 from the Poisoned Pencil, imprint of the Poisoned Pen Press
    Politics of Chaos, a Kami Files Short Story available soon for free on Amazon
    Elements of Chaos, a Kami Files Short Story to be released in the 2016 Malice Domestic